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Boris Suyderhoud Photography

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Boris Suyderhoud, born in 1991 and based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, is a documentary photographer with a keen focus on exploring the intricate relationship between people and the objects that surround them in their daily lives. His work delves into the significance of cherished possessions, unwanted items, and often-overlooked everyday objects.

In his most recent project, “INT/EXT” (Interior/Exterior), Suyderhoud explores the realm of discarded belongings that people no longer want. He embarks on nightly journeys through the streets of Amsterdam, capitalising on the nights when Amsterdam’s residents place their bulk waste next to the city’s underground bins for collection the following morning. In each neighbourhood he visits, Boris collects this discarded refuse and transforms it into captivating public installations. Through this process, he bestows a sense of homeliness to his scenes and rekindles the value of these objects before they are lost to the ever-expanding land-fill.

Over the past few years, Boris Suyderhoud has held three solo exhibitions: “2018/365” at NDSM Fuse in 2019, “Wie Wat Bewaart” at Art Route Ankeveen in 2021 and “INT/EXT” at Openlucht Atelier Amsterdam in 2022. His most recent exhibit gained national recognition, with multiple news networks featuring his work and an extensive eight-page article in the newspaper, Het Parool.
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